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SK1300-SV Socket,3cx10000a7 3cx15000a7, Mfgr:svetlana,

SK1300-SV Socket,3cx10000a7 3cx15000a7, Mfgr:svetlana,

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SK1300-SV  Tube Socket, Insulated Grid Contact from outer assembly, MFR: Svetlana (Russian)


SK1300-SV  Tube Socket, Insulated Grid Contact from outer assembly

This socket works on the following tubes:

3CW20,000A1, 3CW20,000A7, 3CX10,000A3/8159, 3CX10,000A7/8160, 3CX15,000A3, 3CX15,000A7

The Svetlana SK1300 and SK1320A air system sockets are recommended for use with the Svetlana tube types listed below.The SK1320A is designed uniquely for operation to 200MHz with the Svetlana 3CX10,000A7 and 3CX15,000A7 taking advantage of the low inductance mesh filament of these Svetlana tubes. At frequencies in the 200MHz range, the mounting flange is not used. When these sockets are used, connection is made to each of the tube electrodes except the anode, by means of concentric rings of spring-finger contacts. The SK1300 grid contact assembly is insulated from the outer assembly which bolts to the mounting surface. The SK1320A is designed for grounded grid operation so the grid contact is connected to the mounting flange. The Svetlana SK1300 & 1320A are exact replacement parts forthe SK1300 & 1320A sockets manufactured in the West.

Base Connection

The base connections consist of three concentric rings of spring-finger contacts. The socket's two filament connectors each have a 1/4" diameter hole for making connection to the inner and outer filament contacts. The SK1300 has four 8-32 terminals for connection to the control-grid. Eight rugged straps ground the control grid on the SK1320A.

MFR: Svetlana

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