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6146 & 811A
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811A Taylor Select

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6146B Taylor

Excellent quality 6146B suitable for Amateur and Commercial Radio transmitters. All tubes receive and pass the RF Parts Quality Control Testing, and carry a limited transmitter tube warrany of one year. Available as singles or in matched sets for balanced tube operation .

Part Number Quantity Price
6146B-TAY Single $ 23.00
6146BMP-TAY Matched Pair (2) $ 49.00/pair
6146BM3-TAY Matched Set of 3 $ 73.50/set


6146W Sylvania / ECG-Philips
6146W RF PARTS made a special buy of the very desirable last production run ECG-Philips (Sylvania) 6146W tubes.

These hard-to-find ruggedized JAN Military Grade tubes were taken from the Sylvania 6146B production line and subjected to higher Quality Control standards.

The unique mechanical and electrical
characteristics of Sylvania manufactured tubes make them a favorite with technicians and engineers.

Each tube is individually tested by RF PARTS to
ensure top performance. Excellent for Yaesu, Heathkit, Kenwood, etc.

These tubes carry One Year Limited Warranty (against manufacturing defects and workmanship) through RF PARTS.

Part Number Quantity Price
6146W-ECG Matched Pair (2) $ 59.90/pair
6146W-MP-ECG Matched Set of Three (3) $ 89.95/set




6146W GE
6146W GE drawing
An excellent quality GE tube for use in ham and military equipment. Each tube is tested to RF PARTS' stringent quality assurance testing, and available to you at a very reasonable price.


Part Number Quantity Price
6146W-GE Single $ 18.95/each
6146W-MP-GE Matched Pair (2) $ 39.00/pair

These tubes carry One Year Limited Warranty (against manufacturing defects and workmanship) through RF PARTS.


811A Taylor Select
811A Taylor Select
Best Value
The TAYLOR Select 811A is the best quality tube in current production. Usage tests show it to be equal to the respected RCA 811A and Svetlana 811A. Base indexed and internal structure aligned and supported for both horizontal and vertical operation. Ideal for the Collins 30L1 and similar equipment where tubes mount horizontal.

Part Number Quantity Price
811A-TAYSEL Single
811A-MP-TAYSEL Matched Pair (2)
811A-M3-TAYSEL Matched Set of 3
811A-MQ-TAYSEL Matched Quad

Each TAYLOR Select tube is fully tested by RF Parts prior to shipment, and includes 1 Year Limited Transmitter Tube Warranty (against manufacturing defects and workmanship) through RF Parts.




Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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