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Connector Sealant
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Self-Fusing with No Adhesive • Withstands Exposure • Easy Application and Removal


CoaxWrap is a super flexible silicone tape that does not have any glue or adhesive; it simply sticks to itself.

CoaxWrap™ insulates up to 8000 Volts, will not melt up to 500ºF (260ºC), and resists UV damage and weathering.

The characteristics of CoaxWrap™ make it excellent for wrapping cable, connections and wire to create an air and water tight seal. After application, it can be removed several years later leaving a clean connector joint with no sticky residue.

Self Fusing: Sticks/Bonds only to itself.

No Adhesive: Leaves no residue.

Stretches up to 300%: Conforms to irregular shapes

Withstands Exposure: Wont melt up to 500F (260C), stays flexible to -60F (-50C), forms an air and water tight seal, protects against corrosion, insulates to 8000 volts, and is resistant to UV breakdown.

CoaxWrap shown on Coaxial Cable and Connector

Part Number Length Color Price/Roll
CW10B 10' Black $ 5.95
CW10R 10' Red 5.95
CW10W 10' White 6.95
CW10BLUE 10' Blue 6.95
CW10CLR 10' Clear 6.95
CW36B 36' Black 17.95
CW36R 36' Red 17.95
CoaxWrap 36' Roll in Black


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