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Inrush Current Limiters
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Thermister Current Limiters
Mfg. GE
inrush current limiter

Disc thermistor with uninsulated lead-wires.

• Low cost, solid state device for inrush current suppression

• Wide operating temperature range: -50° F to 347° F -50° C to 175° C

Control of the inrush current in power supplies,
inverters primary of transformer supplying current to vacuum tube filaments. Best to mount where it will not receive cooling air.


Part Number Mfg.
Part Number
No Load W
@ 25°C
Max Steady
State Current
Approx. W
@ 1 Max
Diameter Price Each
CL-60   10W 5 .18W 0.77 $1.80
CL-70   16W 4 .27W 0.77   1.80
CL-80   47W 3 .49W 0.77   1.80
CL-101 KC024L-ND 0.5W 16 .02W 0.93   6.00

Example: The CL-60 is ideal for increasing filament life in a pair of 3-500Z tubes. Just place the CL-60 in series with one side of the filament transformer's 115 VAC (or each side of 220 VAC) primary. (Use CL-70 for single 3-500Z, etc.) CL-60 can handle up to 500 watts steady state load, 115v. (Filament transformer must be separate from HV transformer.)

Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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