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VHF-UHF Power Modules
RF Power Modules from Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Motorola, Philips, & ICOM.


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ICOM SC-1091 (SAV17)

SAV17 equivalent now available as ICOM SC-1091!
Mfg. by Toshiba

More new SC Modules are available, Click here for ICOM list.

Recommended: Click here to download pdf document Application Note from Mitsubishi, Rev. June 22, 2010



Mitsubishi and Toshiba:
M57704EL - M57764
M57774 - M57799M
M67702 - M67759
M67760HC - M68769SH
PF0011 - PF0310
RA07H0608M - RA18H1213G
SAU3 - SAU93

New Series MOSFET

CA2256R - CA5915
MHW591 - MHW9002-2


SC1005 - SC1318

Module Case Style Line Drawings

NOTE: Before Module Installation, antenna switching PIN diodes should be tested (normal Ohmmeter test for Hi/Lo resistance).

No exchange or warranty on transistors or modules which, in our opinion, have been damaged, installed, or soldered to. Modules and Transistors are fully tested under load and SWR by the factory to meet their specifications. Check your circuit, antenna, coax, etc., to make sure it is properly adjusted or repaired before installing new part.

No further Warranty is assumed or implied.

Click here to download pdf document Pdf icons can be clicked to view Data Sheets.Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Engineering Data for RF Modules

Please specify module number when ordering.
$1.50 per module

Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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