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GZV4000 and GZV6000

photos of GZV4000

  • Voltage Control Knob has center detent at 13.5 VDC.
  • Over Temperature Protection.
  • Meter Selector allows monitoring of voltage & current.
  • Access to front panel DC Terminals and Cigarette Lighter Jack. Standard 40A terminals on rear panel.
  • Built in Speaker.
  • Circuitry yields high RFI protection from external sources.
  • AC line filter for EMI protection.
  • Standard 3-wire Heavy Duty line cord.
  • Power Indicator & Overload Indicator.
  • Accepts 120 VAC ± 20% 50-60 cps.
  • Ripple & Noise less than 8 mV r.m.s.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    GZV4000   GZV6000
    40 Amp Continuous Rating, 100% Duty Cycle.   60 Amp Continuous Rating, 100% Duty Cycle.
    Variable Voltage Control 5-15 VDC.   Variable Voltage Control 1-15 VDC.
    Overload & short-circuit protection with Current Foldback at approximately 42 Amp.   Overload & short-circuit protection with Current Foldback at approximately 62 Amp.
    Size: 8.25" x 4.5" x 13"   Size: 8.25" x 4.5" x 16"
    Weight: 8 lbs.   Weight: 12.8 lbs.
    Price Each: $179.95   Price Each: $399.95

    The GZV4000 and GZV6000 are available in 220-240 VAC. Add -220 to the part number.

GZV4000 and GZV6000 are available from RF Parts Company and stocking Diamond Antenna Dealers

Model EPS-20ST
EPS-20 is a world-wide operation switched mode power supply of compact construction and reduced weight. The main application of EPS-20 is to power 12V transceivers of up to 100W output power SSB, due to the 13.8VDC output, with capability of 15A intermittent operation and 20A at peak power.

•  Fixed output of 13.8VDC
•  Cuttent output up to 20A peak
•  Short circuit protection (indefinite)
•  Built-in RF supression
•  Wide range of input voltages, with auromatic change-over
•  Certified to International Standards IEC950 for safety and EN55011 Class B for EMI
•  CE and ACA approved

Specifications (at 68°-72°F and normal ventilation conditions)
Input voltage: 230VAC nominal (190VAC to 265VAC), 50 / 60 Hz
115VAC nominal (80VAC to 135VAC), 50 / 60 Hz
Switching between the 2 ranges is automatic.
Output voltage: 13.8VDC nominal
Output current: 8A in continuous operation
15A intermittent (max 5 minutes ON, with 50% duty cycle)
20A peak (modulation peak in SSB)
Line regulation: 50mV
Load regulation: 0.25V, for loads 0 to 12A
Ripple: Less than 30mV peak at 15A load, 25kHz
Protection: Short circuit protection for indefinite duration, self resetting
Current limiting at about 16 to 18A (17A typical), self resetting
Thermal protection / Over-current protection
Over-voltage protection at 16V; crow-bar on output
Max input power: 250W input at 15A output
Fusing: 3A slow blow fuse, on the main side. Fuse holder on back panel.
Dimensions: 12.6" x 7.3" x 2.75"
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Part Number: EPS-20   •  Price: $100.00
Mfg. Lambda

Adjustable 20-28.8V
Power Supply 24VDC @ 13A
Input 100-240VAC
Weight: 2 lbs.

Mfg: Lambda

7 3/16 4 2 1/16
Fan Guard
3/16 - -
7/16 - -
7 13/16 4 2 1/16

SWS300-24SWS300 Back
Part Number: SWS300-24     •     $49.95 ea.  


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