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Svetlana Sockets
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Svetlana SK1A
The Svetlana SK1A is a 7-pin socket made of high quality dieletric, with a screen grid bypass capacitor built into it. The socket may be reconfigured to remove the effect of the capacaitor or provide grounded screen grid operation, when required. All tube pin-out electrode connections and all wiring points for solder are silver plated.

Svetlana SK1A Mechanical Data and Mounting Details:
SK1A detail

Svetlana SK2A
The Svetlana SK2A is an 8-pin socket plus the key, providing the grid connection. Insulation is provided by high-quality white ceramic. All tube pin-outs for soldering connections are silver plated. The SK2A does not include an integral bypass capacitor. Connection to the screen grid is through a pin connection.

Svetlana SK2A Mechanical Data and Mounting Details:
SK2A detail

Svetlana SK3A
The Svetlana SK3A is a special socket for the 4CX1600B. It is made of high-quality dielectric and provides four pins at 90° for easy grid connection in the appropriate direction. The four pins may be used separately or in pairs to reduce common lead inductance. An annular 0.01 MFD screen bypass capacitor is built into the socket. All tube pin-out electrode connectinos and all wiring points for doldering connections and silver plated. The socket may be reconfigured to remove the effect of the capacitor or provide grounded screen operation when desired.
Socket Connection Information:

C1 = Control Grid
C2 = Screen Grid
H = Heater (one side)
Center = Heater (other side)
4 mounting tabs = Cathode

Svetlana SK3A Mechanical Data and Mounting Details:
SK3A detail

Svetlana SK4A

The Svetlana SK4A is a 4-pin white ceramic insulated socket.
Tube pinout electrode connections are made through silver plated solder wiring points.

Svetlana SK4A Mechanical Data and Mounting Details:
SK4A detail

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