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Minimum Order: $25.00 in Parts
Product Returns are subject to 15% Re-stock fee.

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Feedback Mod Kit
for Solid State Amps
Add negative feedback to transmitters and amplifiers that was omitted by factory.
Pride, Palomar, Atlas, Heathkit, etc. Instructions included.

Part Number Description Price Ea.
NFB2 2 transistor amp $3.00
NFB4 4 transistor amp   6.00

Thermal Grease

The Material Safety Data Sheet for this Grease is located here in PDF format.

thermal grease

Part Number Description Price Ea.
Grease 6.5 grams $2.50
Therm251 1 lb. 19.95

Tunable 2-4 GHz Oscillator
Mfg: KDI

Multiturn shaft for frequency adjustment. Requires -20 VDC, SMA output.
Output is approximately >0 dBm. Overall length 6 5/8”.
New surplus, limited supply available.

Part Number: CC-A69AS     •      $198.00 ea.

TC70-10 Kit for ATV Transmitters
Upgrade to 20+ Watts

PC Electronics TC70-10 upgrade kit

This Kit changes the RF power module to give more than 20 Watts pep output
when driven by a TXA5-70b or TXA5-70c exciter/modulator found in the TC70-10 ATV Transceiver.
Kit includes instructions and parts.

Part Number: TC7010-KIT     •     $65.00 ea.

Flat Copper Strap

Bare Copper, ideal for RF tank coils and connecting wires, ground leads, DC bus bars in solid state linears, etc.
This strap has rounded corners. Large quantity available.

    Dimensions/Inches Price/foot*
Part # Width-inch Thickness-inch 5’-49’ 50’-199’
$  .25
$  .20

* 5' minimum

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TV Splitter

2-way TV splitter, 5-900 MHz

Part Number: SPLITTER-1  • Price: $2.29

Terminal Block
Terminal Block

2 Contact, Mil Grade.
For telephone, antenna, test equipment.

Part Number: TERMBLK-1  • Price: $9.95

Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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