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Svetlana Tubes
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Svetlana Application Notes
The following list of Application notes can be ordered from RF Parts. All are printed copies.
Part Number Bulletin Subject Price Ea.
SVETAP1 No. 1 Using the Svetlana 4CX400A on 432 MHz
By Fred Stefanik, N1DPM
$ .25
SVETAP2 No. 2 Service Tips for the 30L-1 811A Amplifier
By Dean Battishill, W5LAJ
SVETAP3 No. 3 Modifying the Svetlana SK3A socket to isolate the cathode from the chassis.
By George Daughters, K6GT
SVETAP4 No. 4 High Efficiency Power Amplifier Design.
By Jerry Kleker
SVETAP5 No. 5 Svetlana 4CX400A improves 8930 VHF Amplifiers
By Ron Klimas, WZ1V
SVETAP11 No. 11 Using the Svetlana 3CX300A1
By Eric Barbour
SVETAP13 No. 13 The 811A: Grandfather of the Zero-Bias Revolution
By George Badger, W6TC
SVETAP14 No. 14 4CX400A Russian Tubes for the MLA-2500 Amplifier
By B.N. "Bob" Alper
SVETAP15 No. 15 Technical Topics (572B); modification of FL2100B & FL2100F Linears to correct insufficient cut-off bias.
By George Badger
SVETAP16 No. 16 Power Tube Taste Test (Guitar Player Nov 96 pg.118); EL34, 6L6
Art Thompson
SVETAP17 No. 17 The Collins 30L-1 Amplifier Revisited
By Bill Orr
SVETAP18 No. 18 Quarterly Devices: new Devices for Linears
By Rick Littlefield, K1BQT
SVETAP19 No. 19 New Life for Dentron MLA-2500s
By George Daughters, K6GT
SVETAP20 No. 20 Power on a Budget: Using the Russian Svetlana 4CX1600B power tetrode in modern amplifier designs (from Communications Quarterly magazine, Winter 1995)
By Marv Gonsior, W6FR
SVETAP21 No. 21 Vacuum Tubes are Aglow Again (from Electronic Engineering Times magazine, July 8, 1996)
By Ron Wilson
SVETAP24 No. 24 The Heathkit Warrior Updated Plus 160 Meters (from CQ magazine, November 1997)
By Paul Carr
SVETAP25 No. 25 The Sunnyvale/St. Petersburg Kilowatt-Plus
By George Daughters, K6GT
SVETAP31 No. 31 4CX1600B Power Amplifier for FM Broadcast
By Raymond Feeney
SVETAP32 No. 32 Save Your Dentron GLA-1000 with the Svetlana EL509
By George Badger, Bob Alper, and Eric Barbour
SVETAP34 No. 34 A Single Triode 350 Watt Power Amplifier with the Svetlana 572B Tube (translations from article published in the Spanish CQ Magazine, August 1997)
By Xavier Paradell
SVETAP35 No. 35 The Care and Feeding of the 4CX1600B (from Communications Quarterly magazine, Spring 1998)
By Dean Battishill

The Svetlana 57B Tube
    The Svetlana 572B is a high-mu power triode intended for use in Class AB, Class B and Class C, RF and audio amplifiers. This new tube features a low-loss white ceramic base and a bonded white ceramic plate cap thermal insulator for high power RF transmitting capability. Temperature-initiated titanium "getter" material is permanently embedded in the surface of the rugged graphite anode for superior gas absorption. This improved "getter" system operates continuously at high temperature, and is over six times more effective than flash getters silvered on tube's glass envelope.
    The 572B may be used as a direct drop-in replacement in linear amplifiers using the 811A. Reliability will be enhanced by the upgraded overload capability of this rugged graphite plate tube.
    High-quality fabrication and vacuum processing at high temperature enables Svetlana to manufacture the new 572B with consistent performance and extended life.

Yaesu FL2100B Amplifier Tubes

    We find that this amplifier exhibits susceptibility to spurious oscillations. Originally, the U.S. 572-B tubes had mu (µ) of 170 or less, and would work fairly well if care was exercised in tune up (see owners manual). Cetron & Taylor Electronics brands work satisfactorily.
    The quality 572B tubes manufactured by Svetlana have greater amplifications factor (µ), and may cause the "conditionally stable" FL2100B to break into oscillation due primarily to insufficient cutoff bias.
    The newer version Yaesu FL2100Z incorporates design changes which alleviate many of the problems found in the "B" version. A few minor modifications can be made to the FL2100B to tame it down, i.e. changing the bias supply from a half-wave to voltage doubler. We recommend this improvement for all FL2100B regardless of tubes used. Modification information and "mod kit" is available from RF Parts.

Modification Kit Part Number: FL2100-1Kit     •      $2.50 ea.


Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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