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Used Equipment
Minimum Order: $25.00 in Parts
Product Returns are subject to 15% Re-stock fee.


Welcome to the RF Parts Used Equipment section. We are currently adding used Wattmeters, Cases, and Elements on a regular basis, so please check in often to avoid missing out on any super deals! If you have any questions or are looking for possible upcoming items, please contact us.

All Wattmeters are 100% tested and meet factory specifications.

In addition to the notes section, the condition of the used parts is indicated within the part number as follows:

Part Number -1 = Excellent Condition
Part Number -2 = Good Condition
Part Number -3
= Fair Condition

Example: A used Bird 4308 Wattmeter in excellent condition would be listed as BIRD4308-1

Note: Used items are manufactured by Bird Electronics unless otherwise noted.

Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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