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New!RFP Series
Antenna Mount Kits
Minimum Order: $25.00 in Parts
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Diamond FireStik

Diamond Antenna and FireStik have teamed up
to bring you a Mount + Antenna Kit that's rugged, dependable and versatile.

No holes to drill - Multiple mounting options - Mil Spec 50 Ohm Teflon cable


General Mount Specifications:

• Deluxe Heavy Duty Trunk/Hatchback Mount
• 3/8 x 24 Type base for popular HF Antennas using 3/8 x 24 Thread Mount
• Black Finish
• Power Rating: 600 Watts
• Coaxial Cable: 18' RG316 MIL Spec 50 Ohm Teflon coax with mini-UHF connector and PL-259 adapter.



General Antenna Specifications:
(3' Firestick)

• Length: 3 Ft (92cm)
• Element Phasing: 5/8 wave
• Power Rating: 100 watts
• Lightweight
• Easy-tune 'bare-hands tunable tip'
• High-performance coil design
• Flexible fiberglass tube

For further tuning and installation specifications, please visit




General Spring Specifications:

Springs protect the antenna, mount and vehicle. These springs are made from long lasting, top grade electro-polished stainless steel. The upper and lower inserts are made of chrome-plated machine brass. Each spring is about 3.0" (76mm) tall with a diameter of 0.800" (20mm).

RFP3B Antenna Mount Kit on Ford Ranger

RFP3B Antenna Mount Kit on Ford Ranger

(Mount slightly modified to fit the 3rd door of a Ford Ranger.)

SS-3M Spring




Part Number Antenna
Notes Price


RFP3B 3' BLACK Includes 3/8 x 24 Thread Mount (Black), Cable, and Firestik Antenna $99.95
RFP4B 4' BLACK Includes 3/8 x 24 Thread Mount (Black), Cable, Firestik Antenna, and Heavy Duty Spring 111.90


FL3B 3' BLACK 3 FT. Firefly Antenna 15.95
FL4B 4' BLACK 4 FT. Firefly Antenna 17.95


MD-SPRING - - Medium Duty Spring, for use with 3' Firestik Antenna 8.95
HD-SPRING - - Heavy Duty Spring, for use with 4' Firestik Antenna 10.95


CB-3/8C - - 18' RG316 Coax Cable with 3/8 x 24 Mounting, to Fit 1/2" Hole 45.95
K400 - BLACK Mount only. 39.95





Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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