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Bird Accessories
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We now have a "Used Equipment" section packed with Wattmeters, Elements, & Accessories!
Power Sensors & Meters

Coaxial Terminations
Bird AT-Series Antenna Tester
Carrying Cases for 4300 Series Wattmeters
Field-Strength Meters & Elements

7/8" Standard Elements  and 7/8" Pulse Power Elements for Bird Series 43 and Coaxial Dynamics Series 81000 Wattmeters

Bird Directional Coupler Elements

Non-Directional Sampler Elements
Bird 4274 Sampler Elements
Low-Power & Peak Reading Elements for Model 43
Bird 43 Elements

Quick Change Connectors
Peak Power Modification Kit

BIRD 5000 Digital RF Power Meter
Bird Thruline® Sensor System

Directional Couplers
Single Directional Coupler with cover/bracket.

All couplers accept standard Bird Elements, Bird Quick Change Connectors or Unidapt Flange Adapters. Mounting brackets included with 4522-002-5. These couplers are designed to match standard BIRD meter Part Number 2080-002.

Part Number: 4230-059     •      $169.95 ea.

Dual Directional Coupler
Ideal for remote measurements.
Switch between the two elements for forward & reverse power reading.

Part Number: 4522-002-5     •      $215.00

Connector Cables
cable Special meter connecting cable for Bird Directional Couplers.

Allows 2080-002 meter to be remotely operated from Directional Couplers above.
Part Number Description Price Ea.
7500-076 Connector

Click here to download pdf document Installation Instructions
7500-072-1 39 1/2" Cable  24.95
7500-072-3 15' Cable  27.95
7500-072-25 25' Cable  36.95

replacement meter
Fix that broken wattmeter with a new calibrated BIRD Meter movement.

This meter may be connected to BIRD directional coupler for remote measurement.

Part Number: 2080-002     •     $95.00 ea.

photo coming soon! 4 per package
Part Number: RP5-1388      •     $2.00

Bird Power vs. VSWR Chart
VSWR Nomograph gives fast reference from Power to VSWR.

Made of laminated plastic for heavy use.

5 1/2" x 6 1/2", 2 sided.

Part Number: 4400-012     •     $10.00 ea.

Bird Variable RF Signal Sampler
4273-030 Bird Models 4273 (1.5 to 35 MHz, 5 kW max.) and Model 4275 (20 to 1000 MHz, 2 kW max.) are "stand alone", wide-range, THRULINE® RF coupling probes for spectrum analysis, RF signal observation on a scope, or frequency counting and control. They feature very low VSWR throughout a broad frequency and attenuation range. Insertion loss is a negligible 01. dB. Both Models produce and unrectified sample at the BNC port that is adjustable. Once adjusted, the setting can be locked in place. The main power line connectors are Bird QC type.
4273 Specifications
4275 Specifications
50 ohms nominal
Adjustable as shown within ±3dB
Ambient Temperature Range:
-40°C to +45°C
QC type as specified
Nominal Size:
2 51/64" L x 2 7/8" W x 1 1/4" D
10 oz.
Power Rating: 5 kW max 1 kW max
Frequency Range: 1.5 - 35 MHz 20 - 1000 MHz
Insertion VSWR: with N connectors 1.07 dB max. with N connectors 0.1 dB max.

4273 Pricing
Part Number QC Connectors Price
4273 No Connectors* $242.00
4273-020 N: Male/Female   293.00
4273-025 N: Female/Female   280.00
4273-030 UHF: Male/Female   330.00
4273-035 UHF: Female/Female   280.00


4275 Pricing
Part Number QC Connectors Price
4275 No Connectors* $242.00
4275-020 N: Male/Female   293.00
4275-025 N: Female/Female   280.00
4275-030 UHF: Male/Female   330.00
4275-035 UHF: Female/Female   280.00

*Select from our list of QC Connectors.

Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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