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GETUBE Book, Essential Characteristics

GETUBE  Book, Essential Characteristics

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GETUBE Book, Essential Characteristics
Book, GE Tubes Essential Characteristics, 473 pages


Book, GE Tubes Essential Characteristics, 473 pages

Essential Characteristics is sepcially prepared to provide the service Technician with a single source of reference containing data on every tube likely to be found in any home receiver AM, FM, Hi-Fi, or Television- as well as special purposes, Planar and Ceramic tubes, Thyratrons, Ignitrons, Vidicons, Reed Swithes, Radio & TV Pilot Lamps and Entertainment  Semiconductors. (First Paragraph from  Forward)


Principal Ratings, Electrical and Physical Characteristics of:

  • Receiving, Special Purpose, Five-Star Tubes and Compactrons
  • Reed Switches
  • Picture Tubes
  • Entertainment Semiconductors, Accessories and Integrated Circuits
  • Thyratrons
  • Ignitrons
  • Vidcons
  • Radio-TV Pilot Lamp
Also includes Replacement guide, Interchangeability guide, and Outline drawings.
Copyright 1973 by General Electric Company.

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