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Frequently Asked Questions

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- Does RF Parts ship to my country?

- How are shipping costs calculated?

- How much does it cost to ship to me?

- What is the cost of an item?

- Is this item in stock?

- Proceed to checkout button not working

Hours of Operation:  RF Parts Company office hours are from 7:30 to 3:30 PST - Monday-Friday. Closed Saturday-Sunday.  Will Call orders are available for local pickup.  Please place order online and order will be ready for pickup the next business day unless prior arrangements have been made.  Website is available 24 hrs daily for ordering.  Orders placed online usually ship next business day. 

RF Parts Ships to any country

- How shipping costs are calculated.

RF Parts determines its shipping costs based on zip code groups that fall under "zones." RF Parts is located in San Marcos CA, which is in San Diego. Immediate surroundings is "Zone 2" and it expands throughout the US all the way to "Zone 8" The price of shipping starts at a flat cost and increases according to weight of the products being ordered.

The saver shipping method is mainly shipped out using USPS. to keep the cost low for this shipping method there are limitations on which orders can use this method. The weight limit for this method is 2 pounds. and the price limit for this method is $400.00. After 2 pounds most orders will not fit in the given USPS box and we have to use a custom box size to ship the order. The basic shipping methods are only insured up to $400.00, and in the case of an order going above $400.00 in the best interest of the customer we have eliminated this shipping method, in the worst case scenario your package is lost or severely damaged, you are covered under the default $400 limit.

Standard shipping method is calculated based on weight vs destination of the customers order. the more a product weighs, the more it costs to ship to you. Location is the next biggest factor in determining price of this method. Since we base our shipping prices on zip code ranges, if you live in a rural area, or in a further zone, the cost of shipping increases. The standard shipping method is a very safe, reliable, and efficient way to get your order to you  in a timely manner.

2-Day and Next Day shipping methods are calculated the exact same way as the Standard shipping method. These options just guarantee you will have your order in 1 to 2 working days depending on the option you choose.

*The Standard and expedited shipping methods are typically shipped out vis UPS, or FedEx

Lost or damaged packages

- Once an order has left the hands of RF Parts we are no longer responsible for the condition of the package once it is in transit.
- RF Parts is not responsible for delayed delivery times, or slow delivery service. The time estimate given in each method is just an estimate. There are many factors that can delay or slow down transit time that RF Parts has no control over.
- Please make notes of your tracking number that you will see in an email sent to you, or by logging into your account and checking your recent orders. If you have a lost or damaged package please contact the carrier that is delivering your package and file a claim according to the carriers specifications. If you are still having issues after you have contacted the shipping carrier, please contact RF Parts and we can help further your claim.

Tip: Choosing the standard shipping method will ensure if your package is lost or damaged that the claim will be handled a lot faster than if you choose the Saver shipping method. We use UPS and FedEx to ship most all the Standard Shipping methods, claims filed to these cariers are handled in a more urgent matter than claims filed to USPS.

- How Do I Find My Shipping Cost?

The fastest way to find out how much you will be charged in shipping, add the products and quantities of the products you wish to order to the shopping cart using the “Add To Cart” button next to the product and on the product page itself. After all desired products have been added to the shopping cart, and you are on the shopping cart page with all your products in it, below the list of your products there is a section labeled "Estimate Shipping and Tax." With a few simple steps about the destination you want to ship to, it will give you all available methods for shipping, and their cost. As well if you click "Proceed to Checkout" on the shopping cart page, after you have entered in your billing and shipping information it will give you all available shipping methods and their cost. 

- What is the cost of an item?

A lot of products from RF Parts can be available at a discount when you order in quantities. All prices are available on the product page.
When a product says "As Low As…" that is when it is available in quantity pricing.
UNLESS a product is marked with "Call For Price", all pricing on products is current and up to date.

- Is an item in stock?

Our website runs off of a live inventory. If you can add the product to your cart, then it is in stock. If you are looking for more than one of an item, the system will only allow you to add up to the quantity we have in stock to your shopping cart. If you require more, Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to get the amount you need ordered and shipped off to you. (unless that product is no longer in production, then we will try and find a replacement part for it)

- "Proceed To Checkout" Button is not functioning.

RF Parts has a $20 minimum for an order to be placed (before shipping charges). If there is not $20 worth of product in your shopping cart you will not be able to proceed to the checkout page. There is a warning in green above the products you are ordering that will stay there until there is $20 worth of product in your shopping cart.

- All stock on RFParts.com is live and up to date. if you cannot find a part number, try searching a partial part number. If you do not find the part you are looking for at all, then we have no stock of it.

- The RF Parts "Contact Us" form is not a "formal quote" form, and prices are subject to change without notice. If you need a formal quote, please email rfp@rfparts.com

- RF Parts accepts many types of payments, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for credit card payments. And we also accept Paypal. RF Parts does accept bank wire transfer but you must call 800-737-2787 and inquire instruction for these payment methods.