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BIRD74-2 Coaxial Switch, Bird (Clean Used)

BIRD74-2 Coaxial Switch, Bird (Clean Used)

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74-2 Bird, coaxial switch 1p, 6t, MFR: Bird Elec. (Clean used)


74-2 Bird, coaxial switch 1p, 6t, Clean used

Limited Quantity Available


74, 50-Ohm - 6 Position Coaxial Selector Switch
Bird's RF Selector Switches employ a unique, rugged and reliable design which permits positive contact, low insertion VSWR and negligible cross talk between channels. The switching mechanism is 4 1/2" of RG-87/U Teflon cable which is pulled away from the mating Male N connectors and rotated to the desired switch position.

The Selector Switches may be panel-mounted. All connectors are located on the rear of the housing and are parallel to the shaft of the switch. All connecting cables may be laced together without the use of right-angle adapters.
The switches have a valuable advantage that they cannot be operated accidentally, but must be operated by intentional sequential movement. The knob must be grasped, pulled out, rotated and pushed in to make contact.


  • Switches may be panel-mounted
  • Cannot be operated accidentally
  • Easy to Use
  • Rugged and Reliable




Typical Operation Values
Insertion Loss
Max. RF Power Rating @ 65°C
100 MHz
0.02 dB
850 W
1000 MHz
1.06 max.
0.09 dB
200 W
4000 MHz
1.30 max.
0.22 dB
75 W


product specifications:





Item No 74
Item Name 50-Ohm, 6 Position Coaxial Selector Switch
Positions 6
Coaxial Circuits 1
Frequency Range DC to 10 GHz
Maximum RF Voltage 500 V
Attenuation For unused channel - 75 dB (cross talk)
Temperature Range -60 to +65 °C (-76 to +149 °F)
Weight 2-1/2 lbs. (1.1 kg)


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