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RF Parts 2011-2012 Catalog

Solder Removal Tool

"Solder Sucker", Made in Germany

RF Parts 2011-2012 Catalog

RF Parts 2011-2012 Catalog

Included with orders at no charge, or you may download pdf's of your favorite chapters.


Attenuators by Aeroflex

Many to choose from!
Up to DC-18 GHz

UDB5 HV Doorbell Rectifiers

High Voltage Doorbell Rectifiers

Limited Stock. Get 'em while they last!

Misc. Special Caps


UDB5 HV Doorbell Rectifiers

Alligator Clip Leads

A handy item for any work bench.


Fuses & Fuse Accessories

Large fuses, fuseholders, and more.

Nibbling Tool

Nibbling Tool

Imagine what you could make with this!

Specials on Heliax Coaxial Cable

Regularly updated specials on cable, pre-assembled Heliax, connectors, accessories and more!

2011 ARRL Handbook

The 88th edition of the most respected communications resource for hams, engineers and technicians since 1926.

Hammarlund Caps
Hammarlund Capacitors

Hurry! Supplies are limited!



Misc. RF Amp Parts


ICOM SC-1091 (SAV17)

SAV17 equivalent now available as ICOM SC-1091!
Mfg. by Toshiba


Bird 43

Check out the fabulous deals in our "Used Equipment" section!


Andrew Corp. Logo

Heliax Coaxial Cable
New AVA5-50 7/8" and AVA7-50 1-5/8"
Virtual Air™ Series by Andrew

...and don't miss out on the expanded Accessories lineup for Heliax cable!



Coaxial Relays
Dow-key type & more


Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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