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air variable capacitors
Air Variable Capacitors

Air Dielectric Variable


Antenna Load Capacitors
( Broadcast Variable Style)

Ceramic Disk

Ceramic Doorknob
small mica cap
Dipped Silver Mica Caps
filter capacitor
Heavy-Duty Filter Capacitors
hv plate cap
High Voltage Plate Coupling,
Feedthru & Bypass
non-pcb oil-filled cap
High Voltage Can
& Oil-Filled Filter

Metal Cased Mica

Mica Capacitors
by Cornell-Dubilier
Misc. Special Capacitors
Misc. Special Caps
Tantalum Chips:

Surface Mount

Epoxy Dipped Solid

Variable Tuning & Load

Hammarlund Caps
type 40
Compression Mica Trimmers
To view Mica Cap Comparison photo, click here.

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