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Misc. Preassembled Coax Cable

RF Parts has large selection of Pre-Made Coaxial Cable assemblies.  We find new surplus cables from various sources and offer them to our customers at reduced prices from new.  We have listed these cables into Cable Type catagories to make your choice easier.   

NOTE: RF PARTS does custom cables.  If you do not see the cable you desire listed, please contact our sales staff for your requirements. 

Please choose from the following Pre-Assembled Cable Assembly Sub-Catagory choices based on Cable Type:

NOTE: If you do not see what you need in one cable type, you might check another to see if available.

RG8X RG58 RG142
RG213 RG214 RG217
RG223 RG316 RG393
LMR240 LMR400 LMR400UF
LMR600 9913F7  RG59 (75 Ohm)

There are no products matching the selection.