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Zener Diodes
Part NumberVolts
250 MW
1N706A  5.6v
400 MW
1N751A 5.1v
1N753A 6.2v
1N961B 10v
500 MW
1N5221 2.4v
1N5226B 3.6v
1N5227 3.6v
1N5230 4.7v
1N5234B 6.2v
1N5236B 7.5v
1N5239B 9.1v
1N5240B 10v
1N5245B 15v
1N5246B 16v
1N5248B 18v
1N5257B 3.3V
(Ranger P/N EDZD055192)
(Ranger P/N EDZD057592)
1 W
1N4729A 3.9v
1N4730 3.9v
1N4733A 5.1v
1N4734A 5.6v
1N4735 6.2v
1N4736A 6.8v
1N4738A 8.2v
1N4740 10v
1N4741A 11v
1N4742A 12v
1N4744 15v
1N4746A 18v
1N4747A 20v
1N4750 27v
1N4751A 30v
BZX85C30 30v
1N4755 43v
1N4756A 45v
3 W
1N4934 100v
5 W
1N5333B 3.3v
1N5338B 5.1v
1N5349B 12v
1N5350B 13v
1N5353B 16v
1N5355B 18v
1N5357B 20v
1N5361 27v
1N5362B 28v
1N5363B 30v
1N5366B 39v
1N5367 43v
1N5369B 51v
1N5375 82v
1N5386B 180v
1N5388 200v
10 W
1N2498A 10v
1N2971A 7.5v
1N2992B 39v
1N2999B 56v
1N3005B 100v
1N3008B 120v
1N3015A 200v
1N3996A 5.1v
1N3999A 6.8v
1N30-HARD Hardware kit for 1N29, 1N30, & 1N39 Series Zeners
50 W
NTE5276AK 38.8
50 W TO-3 Case
1N2805A 7.5v
1N2806B 8.2v
1N2808B 10v
1N2810B 12v
1N2832B 56v
1N2837B 91v
1N4559B 4.7v
50 W Stud Case
1N3305B 6.8v
1N3306B 7.5v
1N3307B 8.2v
1N3308B 9.1v
1N3309B 10v
1N3311B 12v
1N3314B 15v
1N3315B 16v
 1N3319B  20v
1N3340B 100v
1N3350B 200v
1N33-HARD Hardware kit for 1N32 & 1N33 Series Zeners

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