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6U5, 6T50, 6V8, 6XL8, 6U9, 6T4, 6Y9 /EFL200, 6N6G, 6137/6SK7WA, 6X6GT, 6R7, 6N8, 6Z4 Tube, /84, 6S7G, 6R4 Tube, 6S8GT, 6X9 Tube, 6x9 /ekl200 Tridoe-Pentode, 6QL6 Tube, 6U8A/6KD8 Tube, Triode-Pentode, 6Z10 Tube, 6z10/6j10 Pentode Gated Beam Discriminator, 6SF5GT Tube, 6K11 /6Q11 Tube Three Section Triode, 6SN7GT-BROWN, 6J10/6Z10 Tube, pentode, gated dicrim, 6T9 Tube Triode-Pentode, 6v4 - ez80 (NOS) tube var. brands (made in Holland / England)

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