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2SD180 Transistor, 2SD1718 Silicon NPN Power Transistors, 2SD1408Y Silicon NPN Transistor, 2SD1225M NPN Transistor, 2SD1887 Silicon NPN Power Transistor, 2SD1427 Silicon NPN Power Transistor, 2SD1650 Silicon NPN Power Transistor, 2SD1428 Silicon NPN Power Transistor, 2SD1432 Silicon NPN Power Transistor, 2SD1757K Power Transistor, 2SD1902R NPN Triple Diffused Planar Type Silicon Transistor, 2SD313E NPN Silicon Epitaxial Power Transistor

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  1. 2SD892 Silicon NPN Epitaxial Planar Transistor
  2. 2SD856 Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Planar Transistor
  3. 2SD837 Silicon NPN Planar Transistor
  4. 2SD822 NPN Silicon Power Transistor
  5. 2SD717 Silicon Epitaxial Silicon NPN Planar Transistor, Toshiba
  6. 2SD637 Silicon NPN epitaxial planer type
  7. 2SD633 Silicon NPN Power Transistor
  8. 2SD613 NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor
  9. 2SD596 Silicon Epitaxial PNP Planar Transistor
  10. 2SD313E NPN Silicon Epitaxial Power Transistor

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