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Hammond Filament & Low Voltage

Hammond Filament and Low Voltage Transformers

Part #Secondary(RMS)Dim. Ref.
166U5 5.0 VCT 15 A C14H
166U7 7.5VCT 15 A C16H

Filament Transformer for YC156 and YC179
Use two 7.5 Volt transformers (part number 166U7), with secondaries connected in Series, to give the required 15V @ 15A with a centertap. Primaries may be connected for 115VAC or 230VAC operation.

166R12 12.6VCT 8 A C16H
166L14 14.0 VCT 2 A C10H
166Q14 14.0 VCT 6 A C15H
165V10 10.0 VCT 20 A H10
165V12 12.6 VCT 20 A 115VAC Primary
165X5 5.0 VCT 30 A H9
167U5 5.0VCT 15A X6
167X5 5.0VCT 30A X10
167U6 6.3VCT 16A X8
167V7 7.5VCT 21A X10
167S12 12.6VCT 10A X9
167V12 12.5VCT 20A X13
Part #VASecondary(RMS)Dim. Ref.
185E10 80 10VCT@8.0A
or 5V@16A
185G10 175 10VCT@17.5A
or 5V@35A
185E12 80 12.6VCT@6.3A
or 6.3V@12.6A
185F10 130 10VCT@13A
or 5.0V@26A
185G12 175 12.6VCT@14A
or 6.3V@28A
185G16 175 16VCT@11A
or 8V@22A
265X5 220 5VCT@30A B