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3CPX800A7-EI Transmitting Tube, Eimac

3CPX800A7-EI Transmitting Tube, Eimac

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3CPX800A7-EI Transmitting Tube, Eimac

3CPX800A7  EIMAC Pulse Rated Transmitting Tube


3CPX800A7  EIMAC Pulse Rated Transmitting Tube


The 3CPX800A7 is a compact high-mu power triode intended for use in zero bias Class B amplifiers in pulsed radio frequency applications. It may also be used as a pulse modulator or regulator. A single 3CPX800A7 will deliver 6 kW peak output in drive-pulsed RF service. This device is also recommended for FM broadcast service at 108MHz, with typical output power of 900W.

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