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Low Voltage W/ Bridge Rectifier


An Exceptionally high quality power transformer manufactured by Siemens of Germany. 
Mounted on an attached bracket are individual fuses for each of two secondary windings and a 25Amp Bridge Rectifier attached to the 28V winding.


Below are our estimated ratings:

Primary 115VAC 50/60 Hz.
#1 28V 15A
#2 38VCT 3.5A
* <50% Duty Cycle ICAS (i.e. 5 minutes on / 5 minutes off)

A 25Amp Bridge Rectifier is attached and connected to Secondary 1 as shown in Fig. A. With addition of filter capacitor, output is 36VDC @ 8A. CCS. If the 10A fuse is bypassed, the transformer/rectifier is capable of up to 15A ICAS.

Full wave rectification of Secondary 2 will yield approximately 24VDC @ 3.5A. Bypassing the 2.5A fuses will give up to 6A ICAS.

4AJ5020-3 Fig. A
Fig. A
4AJ5020-3 Fig. B
Fig. B

If Secondary 2 is attached to the primary in “voltage bucking” connection, unit will provide a rectified output of approximately 24VDC @ 15A.

Core Size: 4 3/4" x 4" x 2"
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.

We suggest the use of a CL60 Inrush Current Limiter in series with the 115VAC primary.

Part Number: 4AJ5020-3

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  1. 4AJ5020-3  Siemens Transformer, with bridge rectifier

    4AJ5020-3 Siemens Transformer, with bridge rectifier


     4AJ5020-3 Siemans Transformer, with Bridge Rectifier

    Mfg: Siemens

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