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DVD0205, DU28120, ECG170, ATF10136, BLX14, DU2860T, D2212 Transistor, 12v, 10w, 1 GHz, 10dB, Point Nine, DU28200M, BLW60CF, ATF10135 Transistor, D1009 Transistor, BLW86, CM10-28 Transistor, CTC, DU1230S Transistor, BLW96, BLW77, BLY93C, B12-12A Transistor, Flange Mount, 12 watt, 175 MHz, CTC, CD5590 Transistor, EN1230 Transistor, (Bias Circuit for ERF2030), EKL, DU2880T Transistor, CM40-12 Transistor

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  1. BA182  General Purpose Diode

    BA182 General Purpose Diode


    BA182  General Purpose Diode,  No longer available for Export, (NOS)

  2. BFY90-MSC Transistor, Microsemi

    BFY90-MSC Transistor, Microsemi


    Out of stock

    BFY90-MSC Transistor, Microsemi (No longer available.  See BFY90-APT)

  3. BFY90-APT Transistor, APT

    BFY90-APT Transistor, APT

    BFY90-APT Transistor, Discrete Low Power, TO-72 Case, MFR: APT

    Silicon NPN transistor, designed for VHF/UHF equipment. Applications include low noise amplifier; oscillator, and mixer applications.


    •  Silicon NPN, To-72 packaged VHF/UHF Transistor
    •  Low Noise, 2.5 dB (typ) @ 500 MHz, 5v, 2.0 mA,
    • 1.3 GHz Current-Gain Bandwidth Product @ 25mA IC
    • Power Gain, GPE = 19 dB (typ) @ 200 MHz

    Limited Quantity Available, New Old Stock, Not for Export

  4. B25-28 Transistor, ctc  ( SEE 2N6199 )

    B25-28 Transistor, ctc ( SEE 2N6199 )


    B25-28 Transistor, ctc (2n6199)

  5. ATF10136



    Out of stock

  6. ATF10135 Avantek RF Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor (NOS)
  7. DS Breakdown Voltage-Min: 5.0 V
  8. Number of Terminals: 4
  9. Power Gain-Min (Gp): 12.0 dB
  10. Transistor Element Material: GALLIUM ARSENIDE
  11. New Old Stock * No longer available for export
    MFR: Avantek
    SKU: ATF10135

  • D44T8 Transistor

    D44T8 Transistor


    D44T8 Transistor

  • ECG340 Transistor

    ECG340 Transistor


    ECG340 Transistor, driver transistor for HR2510 and HR2600

    New Old Stock  * No longer available for export
    MRF: ECG Philips
    Made in USA

    SKU: ECG340

  • ECG232 Transistor, ECG

    ECG232 Transistor, ECG


    ECG232 Transistor, MFR: ECG

  • ECG170



    Out of stock

    Diode, bridge (ecg 170)
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